Afterschool Program Support Staff


Program staff are responsible for creating a safe, vibrant culture of mentorship and support for youth ages 7-17. General staff are utilized in the following ways: directly engaging with students during free time and dinner time, facilitating special classes, and assisting during homework help and other activities. They are also expected to attend staff meetings and professional trainings. Finally, all staff undergo a continual process of learning how to best support and advocate for the kids and community we serve. That may involve research, service projects, or attending local community meetings and events. Responsibilities vary according to the experience, interests, and abilities of the staff member.


  • Mentoring a core group of students
  • Assisting with administrative tasks
  • Communicating with parents or teachers
  • Assisting in the planning of special events
  • Researching topics relevant to program operations
  • Connecting students with community resources
  • Teaching classes or sports activities


Please respond with resume:

In person: The Mix at Arbor Place 520 North Street, Lancaster, Pa 17602