Strong African American Families


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The Strong African American Families (SAAF) Program is a family-centered program designed to enhance the well-being of African American families by strengthening relationships, parenting processes, and youth competencies.

We are all concerned about the health and safety of our children, especially as they approach teenage years – when becoming more independent and making decisions for themselves may affect their health, safety, and success as young adults. The SAAF Program is designed to increase communication and support among family members.

Participants May Include

• Families with youth, ages 10-14
• Single-Parent Homes
• Two-Parent Homes
• Foster Families
• Families with Grandparents as Caregivers
• Multi-Racial Families
• Blended Families

Participating caregivers and youth will enjoy seven sessions of a fun, family-centered program – including activities such as games, discussions, arts, and crafts, and more, focusing on promoting positive youth development and family relationships. Families meet separately from youth during the first part of the program, then together as a family for the second component.

Caregivers Learn How To

• Find a balance between firm parenting and showing love
• Support youth goals and promote independence
• Promote racial pride
• Increase communication about sex
• Set clear expectations about drugs and alcohol 

Youth Learn How To

•Develop healthy goals for the future
•Resist temptation and peer pressure related to risky behavior
•Understand their positive qualities
•Learn how to manage difficult and unfair situations in a healthy way.
•Accept parental influence

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