Our after-school Bible Clubs are a way to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment where children can learn Biblical truths, although the exact structure may vary slightly depending on the age group, each club will consist of large and small group teaching and activities (Bible lessons, stories, songs, games, homework, etc.). Clubs will be taught and staffed by Mix Staff & volunteers from the community.


A service learning leadership curriculum focused on empowering youth, building leaders, and creating change. Key Core Values include: Unlocking leadership potential in each individual, opening doors to valuable opportunities by strengthening key relationships in our communities and families, and locking in on each youth’s strengths, abilities and talents through social-emotional learning.


Our Thrive Mentoring program is designed to assist youth with enduring the challenges of being adolescence and to prepare them for adulthood via coordinated, progressive series of experiences and activities that will help them become emotionally, morally, socially, physically and cognitively competent individuals. Our core goal is to provide meaningful ongoing relationships that expose adolescents to important social, educational and cultural opportunities that foster positive behavior and improve self-esteem. Program Highlights: Group Discussions; Self-Esteem Building Activities; Leadership Activities; Speakers; Volunteer Opportunities; Group Tutoring; Group Field Trips.


A 9-month youth employment initiative geared towards developing job readiness and workplace soft skills in youth ages 14-18. Students must apply to be apart of this program and will be required work together as a cohort. Skills developed are Customer Service, Financial Literacy, Personal Development, Career Exploration, Site Specific Trainings & Certifications, Work Place Etiquette, Life Skills, and Career Readiness.


Through our partnership with Herd of Hope Horse Rescue, we offer our students the opportunity to work with and learn about horses in both classroom and barn settings; participate in farm work; and engage in group activities that require cooperation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The program is designed to meet each participant where she or he is developmentally.   Using creative “classroom” strategies, experiential learning, and substantive content related to human – horse relationships and horse care. GRIT is an acronym that speaks to many of the important learning objectives correlated with preteen and early-teen development: establishing and pursuing goals; creating resilience; integrity; and teamwork/leadership. Youth in grades 3-6 typically experience a steep learning curve in all developmental realms.


The PA Dutch Council Scout Reach Program is committed to ensuring that all young people have an opportunity to joing scouting, regardless of their circumstances.  The program provides leadership training and character development to youth in environments that would otherwise be unable to experience the benefits of Scouting, through quality Scouting programs.